When the need for good UI is deadly serious…

Two examples of the ethical imperative for good design:

The first has to do with the crash of Air France Flight 447, in which an apparent software feedback error led to the death of 228 passengers and crew.  From the article:

A feature designed to make things better for pilots has unintentionally made it harder for them to monitor colleagues in stressful situations.

The second involves the design of control systems for the US Air Force’s remotely piloted aircraft systems.  There are a number of ethics concerns surrounding the use of drone targeting systems, but this article focuses on the need for user-appropriate design.

1 thought on “When the need for good UI is deadly serious…

  1. After reading this article, I was really interested in how it had talked about how the soldiers were more affected by killing people near their homes than they were actually on the battlefield. I was especially struck by the statement about the father who had been killing people all day by UAV remote control and then had to go sit down and have dinner with his family. I also thought it was interesting how unergonomic the system actually was. I don’t feel like I could remain sane in those conditions.

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