Upcoming talk at IU: The Need for Ethical Security Research

For those of you interested in security issues, tomorrow (9/6) the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research is hosting a talk by Michael Bailey called “The Need for Ethical Security Research, or Why If We Don’t Get Our Act Together Soon, We Will All Be in Some Really Hot Water.”

The talk is at noon, and if you decide to attend, I will be forgiving about being a little late to class.  Lunch will be provided!

Below is the talk abstract and speaker bio.  More information here.


Research on rapidly advancing information and communication technology (ICT) has exposed gaps between what researchers could do and what they should do. Existing research in security, networking, and distributed systems—malware, botnets, click fraud, phishing spam, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, denial-of-service attacks, underground markets, etc.—routinely raise issues of risks including physical, psychological, legal, social, and economic harms. Existing work in ethics, in particular normative ethics, provides a variety of formal mechanisms for reasoning about the correctness of one’s behavior, but the application of these methods in these domains has been hampered due to a lack of community consensus on principles, a dearth of practical experience in formal ethical decision making, and gaps and inconstancies in enforcement and oversight. This talk highlights the need to tackle these thorny issues and discusses a number of community efforts aimed at addressing them.


As an Associate Research Professor at the University of Michigan, Dr. Bailey performs research on the security and availability of complex distributed systems (e.g., the Internet). Before coming to the University of Michigan, Dr. Bailey was the Director of Engineering at Arbor Networks and a programmer at Amoco Corporation (now BP). He holds degrees from the University of Michigan, DePaul University, and the University of Illinois-Urbana.


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