I stalk my kids on Facebook – FRANCESCA KELLY – Salon.com

After I dropped my twins off at college, I discovered a whole new way to keep them close

via Real Families – Salon.com.


2 thoughts on “I stalk my kids on Facebook – FRANCESCA KELLY – Salon.com

  1. Honestly I don’t have any of my family members on my Facebook account and I keep everything on mine as private from the public. Not that I fear my parents would do this I’m not 18, I didn’t just move out for the first time, and my parents aren’t that needy. I call my mom once a week and she is usually busy enough she only wants to talk for about 10 minutes. My Facebook is limited to friends who mainly live out of the area whom I haven’t seen in years and have started families and such. I kinda think it is sad that aprents resort to this just to feel close to their children.

  2. To be honest i’m not very worried about my parents stalking me on Facebook. The only people that i really know look at my Facebook are my Mom and Grandma, who just look at the pictures on my profile. I like to keep my Facebook more professional and not have pictures of me being stupid in college. To me it’s something that is going to happen, and since my parents help me get through college, the least i can do is let them know how im experiencing it.

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