Interactive map of Silicon Valley Superfund sites.

There are 29 Superfund sites in Silicon Valley- the most concentrated number of Superfund sites in America. Nineteen of these sites were contaminated by high tech firms in the manufacturing of computer chips which used highly toxic chemicals including, trichloro-ethylene, Freon, trichloroethane and poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Visit an interactive map of Silicon Valley Superfund sites.

2 thoughts on “Interactive map of Silicon Valley Superfund sites.

  1. I think we see this type of thing all the time. Whenever a new technological surge happens we see potential disasters that follow. With the industrial era we saw waste being dumped in environmentally irresponsible ways. With nuclear energy we saw places like Japan and Chernobyl suffer due to accidents. Now with Silicon valley we are seeing these supersites popping up.

    I think we should look at these all the same way and treat them as mistakes. As with all mistakes we should take whatever measures are necessary to correct these mistakes in the future. To not do so is to use technology irresponsibly.

  2. Quite a disingenuous comment Andrew, but then I guess you didn’t live next door to those toxic dumpsites, nor were you one of the thousands of female, mostly minority persons working in those places where the incidents of cancers were irrefutable. Silicon Valley has a most despicable reputation of treating what they consider ‘unimportant’ people like so much trash. The ethnic, gender and age discrimination along with the Visa Scams perpetrated by the Sociopathic Robber Barons of Technology, are stunning, along with a stunning population of homeless and lack of philanthropy for such a playground of the obscenely wealthy.

    An online Magazine by the name of “el Ander Magazine” did a weeklong series on the subject, titled, “Silicon Shame,” which, up until two days ago, would come up in search of Silicon Valley and cancer and Superfund Sites, and was accessible at:

    One of the pieces was titled, “The Clean Room Paradox – An industry long touted as clean, may be deadly for workers, many of them people of color,” at:

    Both of the links became inaccessible two days ago.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if someone has deliberately made then inaccessible, as two weeks ago, there were Bay Area articles in both major newspapers about a stunning rate of Breast Cancer in Silicon Valley. Both of them totally omitted mentioning the Cancer Histories of those 29 Superfund sites which are still not off of the site list. did two July, 2001 pieces which are still accessible. The first one:

    Poison Valley -Is workers’ health the price we pay for high-tech progress? First of two parts.

    Ah but yes Progress!!!! At all costs: we’ve lost every shred of privacy; are stalked by predators or bots on the net; we build some mighty fine deadly drones (which will be coming to Oakland, etc., and replacing much of the unionized police force in no time ) pain rays and four hundred dollar phones with biometrics capabilities (adored by unscrupulous police),which millions can’t afford, don’t need and never desired.

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