How much do Google and Facebook profit from your data? | Ars Technica

Savvy Internet users know that all the great stuff they get from the Internet for “free”—the searches, the social networks, the games, even the news—isn’t really free. It’s an exchange, where companies are able to take user data, sell it to advertisers, and make money that allows them to give themselves a paycheck while keeping you afloat in free digital services.

So that data you’re giving away online is worth something, but have you ever taken a stab at figuring out how much? A just-released privacy add-on for Firefox and Chrome, Privacyfix, gives it the old college try. Both Congress and the executive branch have been talking more about online privacy in the past couple years.

The estimates for Google and Facebook are imprecise, as the program’s creator, Privacy Choice founder Jim Brock, readily admits. “We wanted people to understand, it is a value exchange” when they use these sites, said Brock.

via How much do Google and Facebook profit from your data? | Ars Technica.


One thought on “How much do Google and Facebook profit from your data? | Ars Technica

  1. I enjoy reading articles about topics like these because I don’t believe we will have them around 5-7yrs from now. This reminds me of collegiate players and how they can be #1 in the country and cannot accept any ad money or revenues stemming from their success at in their sport, however, the coaches can. I feel that eventually there will be search engines created just as good as Google but who’s sole purpose is to work together with its users through the form of incentives like gift cards, etc. to create a better online web search experience for consumers and in-turn generates more money for investors.

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