Amanda Todd’s Alleged Bully Named By Anonymous After Teen’s Tragic Suicide

Hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly tracked down the man who bullied Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old Canadian girl who committed suicide after suffering torment that led to depression and anxiety.

Anonymous named Todd’s alleged bully on Monday in a post on The accusers allege that the man who targeted Todd, made her flash him and then turned her life into a living nightmare is a 30-year-old from New Westminster, British Columbia. The post describes him as the man who “extorted amanda todd for pictures. This is the pedophile that social engineered Amanda Todd into supplying him nude pictures.”

Anonymous also revealed his address.

via Amanda Todd’s Alleged Bully Named By Anonymous After Teen’s Tragic Suicide.


2 thoughts on “Amanda Todd’s Alleged Bully Named By Anonymous After Teen’s Tragic Suicide

  1. It’s natural that people respond to stories with emotions, and emotions intrigue actions. That’s probably why stories from real life to online can spread so fast in the virtual world. I do think that people should be punished when they do something bad (of course there are different standards of what’s bad), and create hard to people. However, with the internet, who to decide the truthfulness of stories, who to decide what’s right or wrong, and who to decide how to punish the people who wrong.
    Tracking down people on the internet and publicizing detailed information of them is a very horrifying thing for me. Maybe it’s true that sometimes justice could be achieved, but I have also seen cases where the event just becomes a rolling snow ball that more and more people are involved. First the person to blame is hunted, and then all of his/her friends are searched and people comment on their comment. People impose their value on their actions/speeches (not harmful to society at all) and judging them, and probably harassing them via comments. In such case, is there more justice or more harm created?
    Do people ever question who write the story and what’s the credential? Do people look at the full picture besides sympathizing the ‘victims’? Why would people go so extreme to ruin other peoples’ lives?
    There are just many interesting issues involved and worth discussing.

  2. There are many unethical points in this article, however, what’s most alarming to me is to see how impacted these kids are by the bullying they go through and yet the parents are unable to coach them through it to see things over time get better. Yes the 30 yr old is dead wrong for even being remotely involved with spreading naked pictures online etc. and he deserves to be judged in court, but this will not stop the next guy/girl from doing something similar. I hope we can come up with more effective proactive solutions to prevent tragedies like this from becoming familiar.

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