Meet Obamas Digital Gurus | Mother Jones

Last fall, a tech-savvy startup burst onto the scene with a hiring spree: “We are looking for analytics engineers and scientists in our Chicago headquarters to work on text analytics, social network/media analysis, web personalization, computational advertising, and online experiments & testing.” Since then, Obama for America OFA quietly has added dozens of positions that never would have existed 10 years ago—titles like chief scientist, director of modeling, battleground states election analyst, and chief integration and innovation officer. Heres what they do:

via Meet Obamas Digital Gurus | Mother Jones.

1 thought on “Meet Obamas Digital Gurus | Mother Jones

  1. It is no surprise that politicians are leveraging Informatics to gain the upper hand in elections. What is surprising is that they are getting around to it so late.

    In a field where bending to the rules right up until and sometimes past the breaking point, we have seen politicians who will do whatever it takes to pull in a few upper votes. What we might want to start looking into is when these campaigns take it to far.

    They have been gathering sensitive data on people’s political preferences and compiling it all into an easy to use database for themselves. What happens when Romney’s campaign gets ahold of Obama’s database? Could they use that against them? Say they sent all that information to your employer, who happens to be Bain capital.

    Also, something else to consider is that these positions that Obama is hiring for, most likely do not come cheap. Elections have already been geared towards the wealthy who have bought the cobblestone to build their own road through politics, this trend towards hiring expensive data mining and data leveraging positions is not much different in that regard. But what about the little guys, the ones who can’t afford to hire these people? Especially in the smaller elections around the country, is it becoming even more of a rich mans game?

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