The Video Game Industry Is Finally Taking a Stand Against Sexist Jerks

Rejoice, girl gamers on Xbox Live! In an industry first, the sexist behavior that kept you from using your mic all these years is now being publicly decried on record by video game developers.

In an interview with Gamespot ahead of the release of the widely anticipated game Halo 4, 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross and Halo 4 Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill both strongly denounced the rampant misogynistic slurs and bullying that happen on Microsoft servers. “This is behavior that is offensive and completely unacceptable,” said Ross. In fact, they say that Microsoft bans for life anyone caught engaging in such derogatory behavior.*

via Halo 4 release: 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross and Kiki Wolfkill decry sexist behavior on Xbox Live..

4 thoughts on “The Video Game Industry Is Finally Taking a Stand Against Sexist Jerks

  1. As an active Xbox live user I have experienced the derogatory behavior first hand. Although Microsoft may acknowledge and condemn offensive language directed at female gamers, it does little to try and stop it. In the post, a comment is made that Microsoft bans for life anyone caught communicating such message. If this policy was enforced, the Xbox Live community would be smaller and so would the revenue that Microsoft gets from the system. Thus it goes against their interest to meticulously scan for violators of this policy. Instead, Microsoft moderates its community by allowing users to submit complaints about other users. Now that they have a more official position on the subject, it will be interesting to see how they design and implement guards and policies to reduce, if not eliminate, this type of communication from their community.

  2. I also have used Xbox Live and noticed the extremely high amount of badgering on this service. I heard a lot of Racial slurs and homophobic remarks more than harassment of female gamers. Although I have heard sexists remarks made on other gaming platforms mainly World of Warcraft the term “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” flies a lot when females are present. Personally I tend to mute a lot of offenders rather than tolerate it. I think banning for life is probably a little too much there are ways to mute the individual. You can’t really stop this behavior in real life and though I don’t condone it, it should carry the same weight as those who make other racial, ethnic, and gay slurs as well.

  3. I also use Xbox Live and I think it is more than just the sexist comments. I feel like it all depends on the game you are playing. I can go from Call of Duty to Madden and the Xbox live atmosphere is very different. On Call of Duty it’s surprising how many 10-12 year old children you hear yell out offensive language. A lot of this language is sexist but also aimed at racial parties. If Xbox tried to ever monitor talking and banning people on Xbox Live their wouldn’t be an Xbox Live. This would ban a lot of people day after day and the number would just grow. There honestly is not a great way to monitor what happens on Xbox Live but there should be some kind of action taken against the language, racial slurs, and sexist comments. Not only are these comments derogatory to people but they are also teaching younger children that certain things are ok to say to others.

  4. Despite I do not play Xbox, Not only xbox online has this sexist comments or badgering. I played the MMORPG game World of Warcraft online, where i have saw and listened to the negative comments, or character behavior relating to badgering. Also, In korea, there are place for people to come to play computer games call “PC-bang”, where it is multicomplex video game system center, where any age group can come in. I heard many swearing negative word among elementary school kids, and they were playing violent M rated games. It is not only happening in the virtual world, but in the real world. Some level of control or action should be taken into place in order for younger children or even gender issue can be solved.

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