AC/DC rocks onto iTunes | MacNews

My last best argument for justifiable digital piracy has now disappeared…

Columbia Records and Apple have annoucned that AC/DC’s entire catalog is now available digitally for the first time exclusively on the iTunes Store worldwide (

From their 1976 debut, “High Voltage” to “Back In Black” and “Black Ice,” every one of AC/DC’s 16 studio albums, along with four live albums and three compilation albums, are available for the first time ever on the iTunes Store. All tracks are Mastered for iTunes, and fans have the ability to download full albums or simply purchase their favorite individual songs.

via AC/DC rocks onto iTunes | MacNews.


3 thoughts on “AC/DC rocks onto iTunes | MacNews

  1. Honestly it a little late for a lot of fans like myself I used a Youtube to MP3 converter ages ago because I wanted some of their songs and couldn’t find them legally. Seeing they have been around since the 70’s and haven’t had an album release in the past 5 years they should have had all their material on one of these legal sites years ago.

  2. I’m glad iTunes is still taking steps forward to bring the big artists over to the Apple music platform, helping to fulfill Steve Jobs’ image of digital music. Honestly though, if one was a big fan and couldn’t find any AC/DC by legal means that allowed you to put it on your iPod, why not just look at your local record store, or even Best Buy? If you’re a true fan, one should actually support them as artists and buy the CD. This is the reason why so many artists are losing money, even one of the reasons why MTV has switched from a music channel with music news and videos (that’s a topic for another time that I could go on about for hours).

  3. iTunes is trying to do the right thing in creating a medium to provide licensed music to its customers; however, the fact is it took such a long time for Apple to get the content on to iTunes. It is hard for people not to pirate AC/DC songs or another band when that is the only way to get the media as digital copy. People probably would support there favorite artist had they had easier means to do it. If a digital copy in not being provided by the record label people will result to using a pirated copy. It is much easier to download a pirated copy vs buying a CD and converting it into an mp3 so that you can listen to is on a digital device such as a iPod, computer, or smart phone.

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