Miscellaneous Good Stuff

All of these came from Ali.  I am posting on his behalf, but he deserves the credit for this interesting collection:
1. An interesting article about computer ethics (right vs. wrong)
2. An interesting article I thought it might be important or helpful to
share with you and my classmates about what effects the insider threat
can do and why we shouldn’t underestimate them.http://in.mobile.reuters.com/article/idINBRE8860CR20120907?irpc=932

3. An interesting short video about addicted Korean gamers and how they avoid the question of side effects of game addiction on school performance.
4. An interesting article about an anonymous twitter account that leaking information about the Saudi Governments:
5.An interesting story for a man he almost lose everything because of his addiction.
6. An interesting article about the new market in zero-day exploits.

3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Good Stuff

  1. Comment to article #4 above:
    This article says that “Twitter has given Saudis their first legitimate outlet for dissent and criticism against the ruling regime.” As American citizens we take advantage of the right to speak our voice and stand up against things we don’t believe in, but the Saudis do not have this right. Twitter has allowed them to begin the process of standing up for what they believe in.

  2. Comment to article #3:

    I think the idea of being pro-gamer to avoid the question of side effects of game addiction on school performance as the explanation is negative approach to view the pro-video gamer. In South Korea, pro-gamer spend their time to improve quality of the game play, strategy, and ways to gather fans. However, many people see pro-gamers as just game addicted teenager who loves game. It’s another type of job and not to see as a addiction. They found their professionalism at playing computer games, not just addiction. They could make more money that regular college undergrad graduates. It is stereotypical idea to view pro-computer gamers as addicted teenager.

  3. Comment to article 5:

    Addiction is a very serious disease and can take many different forms. It is because of this that I believe it is not the responsibility of the game developers to account for video game addicts by putting in extra features designed to discourage extended gameplay. It is very unfortunate when a person becomes addicted to a video game so much so that they let it interfere with there personal life but it is their responsibility to seek out help when the game becomes a lifestyle.

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