Facebook Changes Privacy Settings, Again – NYTimes.com

But when Facebook giveth, Facebook taketh away.

The company is eliminating the ability for people to hide themselves on Facebook’s search, a control, that until now, has existed in the privacy settings on the company’s Web site.

via Facebook Changes Privacy Settings, Again – NYTimes.com.

1 thought on “Facebook Changes Privacy Settings, Again – NYTimes.com

  1. I find this article pretty interesting. I was actually unaware that you could no longer remove yourself from being searched on Facebook. On the other hand, I didn’t know you ever could remove yourself from the Facebook search. And this, raises some concern.

    The Facebook privacy settings have kind of been something I’ve just ignored. When I first got my Facebook, I was a freshman in high school so I definitely looked at it then and edited things so that my account was ‘protected.’ However, they continuously change these settings and I always found it a hassle and an annoyance to go into my settings and figure out what all needed to be changed and what all could be left alone. Especially when I knew there wasn’t a ton of information I really cared to hide – which raises the issue of the ‘nothing to hide’ argument we just read about.

    My thought has recently been that I didn’t need to worry about my settings because there was nothing on my account I didn’t want people to see. While at one point I made sure that people couldn’t see my profile if they were friends with me, I honestly don’t know if that’s still the case because of how much Facebook has changed. After reading the articles from this week about how much you can find out through Facebook, and issues concerning the ‘nothing to hide’ argument, it’s pretty apparent that a lot could be figured out about me just by looking at my Facebook so I should be concerned as to what I have available to the public. What I have available is my choice, and I have the right to go and edit what is seen by whom in my privacy settings. However, in regards to this article, I think we should also have the opportunity to choose whether or not we can be searched. Regardless of the percentage of people that were using this function before and disabling their name from the search, I still think we should have the choice, and the choice should be obvious. If I didn’t know this was an option, there’s a good chance a good number of Facebook users didn’t know this was an option either.

    If users were allowed to hide themselves from the Facebook search, it would be a lot more difficult to come across their profile and if this was the case, users probably wouldn’t be as concerned with the hassle of changing every single privacy setting on their account. Obviously it would still be possible to get to their account so they would want to make sure they have some privacy settings in place but users wouldn’t have to worry as much about every little detail if we could simple just remove ourselves from being found through Facebook search.

    These are just some of my thoughts on this subject. I thought this was quite interesting, especially since I was unaware of this option before it was no longer one.
    -Samantha Lewis

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