Laptops in class lower students’ grades, study says

Laptops in class lower students’ grades, study says. Students who use computers during lectures and those around them may be distracted from learning.

Laptops have replaced pen and paper for many post-secondary students but a Canadian study suggests using computers during lectures could be hurting their grades and lowering their classmates’ marks.

via Laptops in class lower students’ grades, study says | Toronto Star.

1 thought on “Laptops in class lower students’ grades, study says

  1. I do agree that laptops in class are a distraction for most people. However, I think laptops also help many students as well. As someone who doesn’t write very fast, I would do significantly worse in a class that doesn’t allow for laptops to take notes. If you write slow and have to write things down, you can end up focusing more on getting what was said down on paper than actually understanding what was said. When the professor uses power points, and goes quickly, a slow writing student may miss important information. Using a laptop may allow a student to get the information down and allow them more time to listen and understand what is being taught. I don’t think that giving the students an unexpected quiz is a way to understand whether computers are distracting or not. I can sit in a classroom, completely focus on the lecture and take down notes but would fail that quiz. If there is a lot of information given during the lecture, I would have to sit down and study the information before I would be able to answer questions on it. I don’t think it is accurate to give the students an unexpected quiz. Even though there are many students that benefit from getting their notes down on a laptop, there are many people who completely disregard the class with a laptop. I have been in lectures for classes where multiple people are doing online shopping, fantasy football, or even watching youtube videos. I agree that laptops are a problem in a classroom but I also believe it could hurt many students who use their laptops for a good purpose.

    -Amy B.

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