2 thoughts on “Take A Tour Of Silk Road, The Online Drug Marketplace

  1. Before reading this I had never known the details of the Silk Road or even heard of the Tor network. I think it is amazing that such a network was created and worked so efficiently. I am also impressed that it looks and seems to work almost like any other e-commerce site. With all of the government surveillance programs coming to light I can see how the idea of a network where you can remain anonymous would be appealing to a lot of people. Unfortunately it seems that most of the activity associated with the network is illegal. I think if someone wants to remain anonymous online they should be able to do so. It is difficult for a government to allow such a network with so much illegal activity. The fact they are using their own currency is probably the reason they got away with so much for so long.

  2. As someone who was extremely interested in the bitcoin currency, and even invested in a few coins before their astronomical spike, the effects of the silkroad shutdown was very interesting for me. If I had believed that the bitcoin currency was directly tied to the silk road I would never have invested. Initially after the news of the shutdown there seemed to be an initial sell back by many, but over the course of the last several days prices have remained steady, proving their worth as a viable (although admittedly incredibly risky) investment oppurtunity. I’ll continue holding on to the minimal coins I do own if for no other reason then it’s an interesting idea, and I’d like to support it, even if they are essentially worthless.

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