More On Gold Farming

After reading the article about gold farming, I thought I would dig deeper into what is happening in 2013 with the issue. I had no idea that gold farming was an industry until today and I found it pretty interesting. I found an article that talks about how a developer for RunScape 3 has made it very hard for gold farming to be a possible in the game. There are a couple questions that come to mind when it comes to gold farming. 

What is so wrong about gold farming? – From what I have read it gives people jobs that would not have had jobs before and with technology taking over a lot of jobs we have today this may actually be good for our global economy. Of course I understand this ruins the fairness of the game but personally I do not feel as though I have accomplished something if I have not done any of the work. 

Jagex wages war against gold farming in RuneScape 3 with Bonds



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