“Azerbaijan improves its ICT ranking”


This article by Nigar Orujova describes the higher ranking (up seven places from 2012) Azerbaijan received this year for  from the International Telecommunication Union.  I found most interesting the tax and customs duty-exemptions the government of Azerbaijan is offering for international IT companies and researchers. This is a strategy used by our local municipality to draw businesses to Bloomington in order to increase employment. The government of this country (just north of Iran on the west of the Caspian Sea), according to this author seems to be looking to the market of the future, i.e., information technology, as the most important non-oil sector of international trade.

By the way, notice the United States is ranked fifteenth, just after Macao. This may have to do with the metrics used in the rankings. If a place at the table in the future information society is what other countries are striving for in education and access, we can only hope these two things are shared here in the United States.


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