German NSA has deal to tap ISPs at major Internet Exchange

German NSA has deal to tap ISPs at major Internet Exchange

The German Equivalent of the United States’ NSA known as the BND has implemented similar spying frameworks to those revealed by Edward Snowden.  According to a “three-page confidential letter” intercepted by the German magazine Der Spiegel the program involves secret deals with more than 25 of the largest German ISPs.  Particularly notable is the fact that the access was implemented at the largest Internet exchange point in the world, DE-CIX in Frankfurt, although the majority of traffic monitored is that of Germany’s own citizens.

“This revelation seems to be the rough German equivalent of the NSA’s own XKeyscore surveillance system. The BND, which is prevented by German law from conducting domestic spying, ostensibly has its attention turned toward Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. However, Der Spiegel does note that the BND is allowed to spy on Germans “in some cases.”


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