Iran Calls Video Games Part of C.I.A. Plot

Iran Calls Video Games Part of C.I.A. Plot

Former United States marine, Hekmati, was convicted of spying on Iran and sentenced to death. According to Iranian State television, he was also involved in a plot to brainwash youth of Middle east via video games.  Hekmati, after working for the marines, was recruited by Kuma Games company to do some contract work for the US Military. However, he denies the claims of this report, and corrects it saying that his title was a “principal investigator” to develop a game that helps soldiers retain “mission-specific language”. Kuma Games typically take pride in recreating military encounter that give players a chance to imagine real life missions from “America’s global way on terror”. Article reveals the sensitivity of Iran to the U.S’s media. Union of Iran’s Students Islamic Association created a game called “Special Operation 85” that they described as a “response to a United States game” and is “their defense against the enemy’s cultural onslaught”.


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