Russia to monitor ‘all communications’ at Winter Olympics in Sochi

Exclusive: Investigation uncovers FSB surveillance system – branded ‘Prism on steroids’ – to listen to all athletes and visitors

In light of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi in February, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) is implementing a system dedicated for intercepting phone and internet communications called Sorm. They aim to monitor all communications by athletes and spectators who will be travelling to Sochi for the game. FSB’s Sorm system is capable for tapping into telephony or data traffic and track the use of sensitive words or phrases in email, webchats and on social media, a controversial technology called deep packet inspection technology. Whenever a person uses a word from a classified list, the person will be tracker further. The article drew its similarity to the disclosure about the US programme by Edward Snowden; however, Sorm has permanent access into people’s data. Telecommunication companies in Russia are required to build infrastructure that allows Sorm to have unlimited access into them. FSB requires a warrant for wiretapping but allegedly, they are not obliged to show it to anyone. The US State department’s bureau of diplomatic security has issued a warning to people planning to attend the Games in Sochi, Russia.


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