Are you an internet addict?

The average British web user apparently spends one in every 12 waking minutes online. Does that sound like rather a lot, or do you check Twitter before getting out of bed? Find out if your habit is out of control with our quiz

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4 thoughts on “Are you an internet addict?

  1. Haha… so this article is clearly a joke but it does bring some good questions to mind about our own personal internet habits. Do we have a problem if our morning routine consists of shutting off the alarm (on my phone) and checking twitter (also on my phone)? Of course I scored “internet addict” on the quiz. I can only hope some of my useless internet knowledge will one day help me win trivia night at KOK. In the meantime though, I find that shutting off technologies during the weekend help me stay sane and not suffer from too much internet overload. Sometimes you just need to recognize that you need to disconnect from email for a bit. They’ll be there when you get back on Monday.

  2. Like stated above, it’s apparent this article is supposed to be humorous but it does raise a good point. My results stated this:

    “This all seems perfectly normal. You use the internet enough to understand it, but you’re by no means reliant on it. And thanks to this, you’ve got the least funny results paragraph. This serves you right for being so well-adjusted. I hate you.”

    However, this was so surprising to me. I would have said that I’m pretty addicted to the internet, because I’m hardly offline. If I’m not on my computer, I’m always on my phone. I wake up to my alarm, which is on my phone, and I go to sleep reading Facebook and Twitter after I watch an episode of Netflix on my iPad. I also am one who cannot just eat without looking at my phone or watching something on my iPad. It’s sad how much the internet is involved in our lives now, and I think it would be awesome to just disconnect for a week and just enjoy company, nature, etc. Like stated above, the internet will be there for you tomorrow.

  3. The results I got said that I am an internet addict!!! I think there needs to be levels of addict because I use social media and online tools a lot less than the people I hang out with! With that said I am constantly looking different things up and learning new things everyday from the internet whether it is about a random celebrity or a new scientific discovery.

    The word addict definitely has a negative connotation so that is why I am against what they quiz said I am. Anyways I think there are other ways you could put it that make it seem not as bad because in the end I am really using the internet to learn more and more everyday.

  4. From the article, my results said that I use the Internet way too much on a daily basis. The article stated that an average British web user spends about an hour and a half a day online. When I read that I kinda laughed because I know that I’m online much more than an hour and a half every day. I feel like in todays society most people are online much more than an hour and a half. Many jobs these days require the use of technology/computers and will require them to be online for 6-8 hours alone. The Internet is so powerful and you can find practically anything you want online which makes it hard to not be online. For example, I think, watching a movie online, listening to music online, work/education purposes, and especially social media alone already takes up so much of our day online and definitely much more than an hour and a half. Overall I feel that as technology continues to grow, the amount of time spent online will continue to increase over time.

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