Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General

No doubt most of you reading this post have looked at Yelp or Google+ Local to check the user reviews before you tried that fish store, bakery or even dentist. On occasion, you may have wondered if some of those reviews were too good to be true.

It turns out that some of them were.

New Yorks attorney general revealed the results of a yearlong investigation into the business of fake reviews. Eric T. Schneiderman announced Monday that 19 companies that engaged in the practice will stop and pay fines between $2,500 and $100,000, for a total of more than $350,000 in penalties.Schneiderman said his office used undercover agents. One agent, posing as the owner of a yogurt shop in Brooklyn, called up search engine optimization companies and asked for help in combating negative reviews on consumer websites. In many cases, the agent was told that they would write fake positive reviews for a fee.

via Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General : All Tech Considered : NPR.


One thought on “Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General

  1. The other day, coincidentally, my boss had purchased something online that was voted number one in it’s category. It also had reviews applauding the customer service of the employees, helpfulness, etc. Once the product arrived there were various issues and after contacting customer service she questioned the good reviews about the customer service. She researched and realized that the site that voted this product number one was owned by the same company that owned the product.

    I have used Yelp before and I have also questioned the authenticity of the reviews. Some seem to good to be true and some are almost identical to other reviews. I realized that people do create false reviews for money or to get the rating of their company up so typically I never let the reviews determine whether or not I would try out the restaurant, store, etc. The companies that do have fake reviews makes me question their integrity as a company and could ultimately make me stray away from visiting their establishment or using certain products.

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