3 thoughts on “Facebook lets beheading clips return to social network

  1. While I think perhaps graphic videos of this nature shouldn’t be available on Facebook, similar to how they would be removed from Youtube and only allowed on sites like Liveleak, there can certainly be an argument made either way. Facebook recognizes the freedom of expression and the right to discuss and view controversial things, and is also considering adding additional warnings, which is a good start. I think, if not already implemented, the videos should require the Facebook user to be 18 to be able to view them.

  2. I agree with Facebook’s initial action in banning the beheading videos and disagree fully with them lifting the ban. There are only so much precautions such as warnings of mature and disturbing content before the viewing of videos can do. Even if an age limit such as 18 was put into place, that does not really stop any user from gaining access to the video due to the ease of lying about your age. This is proven with access to certain pornographic and alcohol manufacturing sites. If a teenager wants access to the violent videos via social network, then there ins’t a whole lot that is going to stop them other than banning the videos altogether.

  3. I agree that young teens shouldn’t be viewing videos of this nature. However, I don’t think that Facebook should have to remove the video. I don’t agree that 13 year olds should be on Facebook in the first place. However, no matter what the minimum age limit is set at, there will be teens who lie about their age. I think the first step Facebook should take is making sure all videos of this nature should have some type of warning that is posted along with the video. If someone knows they can’t handle graphic videos, then they shouldn’t watch the video. If a teen really wants to see a disturbing video, I’m sure they could easily find a video or image searching the web. There is only so much regulation that Facebook can do before they will then be ridiculed for not allowing free expression. I don’t think that complete regulation from young users is something that can be accomplished. Violent video is difficult to regulate from young viewers the same way that violent video games are hard to regulate from young viewers. The best thing for Facebook and other sharing websites to do is to take precautions by adding warnings or finding a way to better regulate minimum age limits.

    -Amy B.

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