Youth dies after playing computer games for over 15 hours

A youth addicted to computer games died of a heart attack at his home in Bandar Baru Air Hitam here after apparently playing continuously for over 15 hours at a cybercafe nearby.

He was said to have been at the cybercafe from 10pm on Sunday until 1pm the next day before returning home to his own computer.

However, it was not known which computer game Ong had been playing before his death.

His mother Chew Qun Juan, 62, said her only son had been addicted to computer games ever since he stopped working at a restaurant five months ago following a motorcycle accident.

“He injured his right hand and had to stop working. I constantly told him not to spend too much time on computer games but he never listened.

“I single-handedly raised him after my husband died of cardiac arrest 15 years ago. Words cannot describe my sadness now. I only hope that others, who are also addicted to computer games, will learn something from this.

“I hope this will not happen to anyone else. My son was still so young,” she said in between tears when met at the Penang Hospital mortuary yesterday.

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6 thoughts on “Youth dies after playing computer games for over 15 hours

  1. When I first read this I thought there is no way playing a video game caused this person to ha have a heart attack so I did a little more research!

    Turns out there a quite a few physical problems playing video games non stop can cause. Death is extremely rare but staying in the same position for a long period of time can cause blood clots (gross)!

    Here is an article I found about injuries caused by video games.

    There is another article I found about deaths caused by video games but these deaths were murders and suicides so it can be argued either way that the video game caused it or it was the person itself. -

  2. I think what this case and others like it shows us is that video games, while they are fun and relatively inexpensive, do have hidden dangers to a certain segment of the population. Most people will play video games and keep their priorities straight, but then you have that small but important minority who do let it consume their lives to the point where, while they may not die, they do end up suffering these debilitating effects.

    I believe that while video games are not to blame entirely for these injuries and deaths, video game manufacturers should be required to disclose the truth about blood clots and addiction just like cigarette companies do. That way, gamers and parents of players can be better educated on the risks.

    That being said, if you think your loved one is addicted to video games already, you should treat it as an addiction, just like you would if it were drugs or alcohol.

    My mother never allowed my brother to get a World of Warcraft account because she was well aware of the risk of addiction, especially given my own family history of addiction.

  3. I agree that it is rare to get a heart attack from playing a video game for 15 hours. I’ve known many friends who have played for that long if not longer in one sitting, for example, when a new video game first comes out. Also the article states that his father died from cardiac arrest so maybe there is some hereditary issues there. I’m sure if you constantly do this to your body, it will definitely cause some damages in the long-term. Like any other addiction such as drugs/alcohol doing something once or twice really shouldn’t cause any issues, but if you continue to do it for a long period it will definitely do some damage.

  4. I agree that sitting in one spot playing a video game for 15 hours is not healthy mentally or physically. However, I am not sure that this is the reason the kid passed away. He had been in a motorcycle accident and this could have cause physical injuries that he may or may not have been aware of. I think that blaming the death solely on playing video games for 15 hours in a row is unfair and somewhat unrealistic. I think that there are better ways to approach this issue and make people aware of what they are doing to their mental and physical health other than scaring them with death or the possibility of death. I would be curious to know exactly what the biopsy said about the child’s death.

  5. I think there are definitely physical and mental problems that can be the result of playing video games for extended periods of time like 15 hours. However, I don’t think that a video game is something that causes a heart attack. There could have many other physical problems with this guy prior to the start of playing the game for 15 hours. I don’t think that death is a highly common result of playing a video game for an extended period of time. I do believe however that the mental or physical harm of video games is something that should be taken seriously. If someone is going to play a game for that long of time, they should make sure they are eating properly and keeping hydrated. People can become addicted to video games just like people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is important for people to take addiction seriously. There are many people out there playing video games who don’t realize the damage they are doing to their bodies. I think that if video game addiction can’t be regulated, there should at least be more advertising and education on the harmful effects of video games.

    -Amy B.

  6. I think the blame should be placed partially on the cyber cafe that he attended. I think the cafe should have some kind of rules that would enforce a certain amount of gameplay time. The cybercafe is not exactly monitored by a guardian or a parent so anyone could play for hours and hours without realizing how much harm that is causing. At least at home, the parent could keep an eye on their child to see how much they play and prevent any further playing time if necessary. if the cyber cafe enforced a maximum amount of game play for each day, I think that would improve situations like this in the future.

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