“6 Myths About Drone Warfare You Probably Believe”

“6 Myths About Drone Warfare You Probably Believe”

This article is about 6 myths described by a drone operator. In it, the authors discuss the sometimes dangerous misconceptions the public and policy makers have about drone warfare, as well as the implications this has for the future of drone warfare.


What was most interesting was the obvious frustration in the operator’s voice. He clearly takes his job seriously. He does not view what he does as a video game and is very disturbed by how little people understand about what he as a drone operator goes through. It is not a glamorous job: he sits in a small room and flies a small robot plan around, knowing that he could be sending someone to their death.

He is very aware that for people to truly have an opinion on drone warfare, they must respect his expertise as a soldier and a drone pilot. However, even his bosses know little of what he actually does.

With the importance of drones in today’s society, this is a unique look into why we must understand the technology and its operators rather than just assume that either side is right or wrong.


One thought on ““6 Myths About Drone Warfare You Probably Believe”

  1. This article seems to describe many of the different things about drones that many people can believe. It also seems to address the fact that some of the social characteristics can effect the operator just like those that fight on land. When we think of drone flying we picture a cool fighting area like a video game but instead it is much less and has a lot more affect on those that are flying them.

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