Government claims Snowden leaks could paedophiles escape police, says government

We talked in class about child pornography being the H-bomb of all discussions about Internet regulation.  Well, the UK government just dropped it…

Paedophiles may escape detection because highly-classified material about Britain’s surveillance capabilities have been published by the Guardian newspaper, the government has claimed.

A senior Whitehall official said data stolen by Edward Snowden, a former contractor to the US National Security Agency, could be exploited by child abusers and other cyber criminals.

It could also put lives at risk by disclosing secrets to terrorists, insurgents and hostile foreign governments, he said.

The claims emerged as lawyers for the Home Office launched a hard-hitting defence against a legal challenge which is seeking to establish the partner of a Guardian journalist was wrongly detained at Heathrow airport in August.

via Edward Snowden leaks could help paedophiles escape police, says government – Telegraph.


1 thought on “Government claims Snowden leaks could paedophiles escape police, says government

  1. I can see how this sensitive material that has been leaked could prove to be detrimental, but most of the accusations seem to be mainly speculation. They repeatedly give examples of what “could” happen but have not had any serious reports of these examples occurring. I feel like there’s a lot of information that hasn’t been released due to the seriousness such as terrorism, counter-terrorism and insurgency. As for the child abusers and predators online I feel like it will still prove difficult for them to cover their tracks as easily as the article mentions and that new methods of detection will be discovered and implemented to combat these abusers.

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