Government looking into technology to disable phones in cars

This article discusses some of the considerations that the DOT is considering to reduce the accidents caused by distracted driving. There is currently no federal law to regulate cell phone use while driving, but many states have passed laws requiring hands free devices and no texting. 

I think that this should be a last resort. If laws are passed and enforced, and there still is not a decrease in accidents, there may be a case for going to this extreme measure.

I think that this is an example of technology allowing us to be lazy. Fund awareness campaigns, pass laws, and strictly enforce them. These tactics helped decrease fatalities for drinking and driving by 49% from 1991-2011 ( Texters and drivers should be given the same amount of education and awareness that drunk drivers are given.



4 thoughts on “Government looking into technology to disable phones in cars

  1. I have to disagree with you that this should be a last resort. While using a cellphone while driving isn’t necessarily as dangerous as drinking and driving, the two can be compared. There are plenty of laws that attempt to keep drivers from drinking and driving, yet about 30 people die every day from this problem (I got this stat from Imagine if cars required all passengers to blow into a breathalyzer before the car started. Of course there may be ways around this, but the number of deaths would drop significantly. The same can be said for using a cell phone, if you PHYSICALLY cannot use your cellphone while driving, you have a far smaller chance of hurting yourself or someone else than if it is only ILLEGAL to do so.

    1. Edit: I use my phone almost every time I drive (of course in a way that I have determined to be perfectly safe), so I would be really annoyed if my phone were disabled while driving. That being said, I still think it would make the road safer for myself and others.

  2. I think that distracted driving is an issue in today’s society. However I think that disabling phones while people are in their cars is a drastic measure. Even though there are many people who use their phones in their car in an unsafe way, not all people do. Many people use their cell phones as a GPS hands free device. The article doesn’t mention ways people use cell phones without holding them. However, I agree that there does need to be a change of attitude among society on the use of texting and talking on the phone while driving. If people want to decrease deaths from distraction they should better regulate the use of texting and talking on the phone while driving not hands free. There could be many reasons that someone may need to have their phone not disabled while they are in a car and going at a certain speed. Someone could be in car and need to report a drunk driver they are following. Someone could be following you and you need to call the police. I think the real problem with distracted driving is texting and talking on the phone. I think that there would be too much backlash from people if the Department of Transportation decides to disable cell phones in cars. I think the best thing they can do to help decrease distracted driving deaths is to increase advertising and promote better regulation of texting and driving. There is a possibility that disabling cell phones will help decrease distracted driving deaths but I think it is a drastic measure that many people will not approve of.

    -Amy B.

  3. I think this is extreme. People are becoming more aware of the repercussions that come with cell phone usage and driving. I think advertising efforts and local/state laws have done a good job. But I think they are looking at the wrong way of solving this problem. Cars are becoming much more advanced. A lot of them are beginning to have bluetooth where phone calls go through the car. I think this helps eliminate distraction and I think companies should continue to leverage these advancements as solutions in decreasing cell phone usage on the road.

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