With a Push of a Button…

With a Push of a Button…

Piepal is design to automate the pizza ordering process. Taking out all means of ordering by phone, by app or by website form. It dramatically reduces the factors in ordering pizza. A process of perhaps wanting pizza, finding the contact number, talking to a person, hearing the deals, deciding on deals, giving address is reduced to : want pizza>push button.

I thought that the use of a button, while extreme and specific in its function,  mirrored Schull’s articulation of the justification behind buttons in gambling programs. “Not only can the automatic translation of inserted money…disguise the true value of cash and increase the likelihood of [more spending], it can compensate for the potential errors of the human body…” p66. Considering Piepal, these buttons provide an affordance for immediate food ordering, eliminating any time of contemplation and possible human inefficiency in the order process,  indirectly eliminated time for financial or general forethought.

Biggest issue at hand are the heightened sense of immediacy between a craving and satisfying that craving. The lack of obstructions between a person and potentially unhealthy food. If healthy food is no where near as easy to obtain, is it ethical to promote widespread immediate access to food with potentially only negative health effects?


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