Software patent reform dies in the House of Representatives

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Of course, advocates of the program disagree. They point out that software patents are disproportionately responsible for the recent rise of patent litigation. The fact that technology startups almost inevitably face patent threats is itself a significant disincentive for innovation. So it’s far from clear that subjecting software patents to greater scrutiny would be bad for innovation.

Thanks to Microsoft and IBM, a software patent reform that included fighting so called “patent trolls” who advocate low quality software patents was killed. Microsoft and IBM are some of the leaders in software patents and would obviously be effected by this reform. Their excuse is that it would stifle innovation from up and coming software companies. This obviously goes against Richard Stallman and his view on how software should be distributed and owned, and I’m with him on this one.


1 thought on “Software patent reform dies in the House of Representatives

  1. I would have to agree that I would be with Richard Stallman on this issue. I don’t agree with Microsoft and IBM saying that expanding the CBM would harm U.S. innovators and stifle innovation. In fact, I think it would have the opposite effect. It would encourage technology startups who wouldn’t have to face as much of a threat from patent litigation. The large number of low-quality patents are a problem and the large corporations don’t want to see any changes because they would see increased competition. The problem with getting the legislation passed is the influence the corporations like IBM and Microsoft have in Washington.

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