The New Silk Road

Although this issue affects the United States, it has an international reach as well. The Silk Road, an anonymous marketplace for selling guns, drugs, hacking services, and much more, was recently shutdown. The alleged founder, Ross Ulbricht, was arrested and authorities are attempting to access his digital wallet in which hundreds of thousands, if not millions in bitcoin currency is believed to be held. While law enforcement officials believe the shutdown to be a victory, Silk Road users are getting ready to roll out another version of the marketplace. Some even plan on creating a new bitcoin marketplace called BitWasp to further encrypt transactions and digital footprints. Law enforcement might have found a small victory, but there are no shortage of programmers and hackers that will ensure the Silk Road stays afloat.Silk Road


2 thoughts on “The New Silk Road

  1. When the Silk Road was shut down recently, I wondered how long it would take for a new version of the marketplace to appear. This article gives me the impression that it won’t be long or take much effort, and that it could be better than the original. I find the creation of these anonymous networks and marketplaces very interesting, but I agree with law enforcement wanting to take them down because of the high amounts of illegal activity. It just seems like law enforcement takes so much time and effort to take something down that will just be built back up again. A quote from one of the representatives who is rebuilding the marketplace mocks the idea that taking down the Silk Road was any kind victory for the government. In fact, I think it encourages them to make new networks and marketplaces even better.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Joe. I agree, while I don’t know too much about the Silk Road, the community seems robust enough to easily recreate the former environment. It seems quite naive for law enforcement to qualify this as a victory. They need to be proactive rather than reactive to these situations before they think they are winning the battle against cyber crime.

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