Wikipedia names Texas PR firm over false manipulation of site entries

Wikipedia has named and shamed a Texas-based public relations company following an investigation into spin doctors and “sock puppets” falsely manipulating entries on the site.

The free encyclopaedia, which contains more than 30 million volunteer-authored articles in nearly 290 languages, called in lawyers after discovering that 300 “sock puppet” accounts – created using false identities – could be traced to a single public relations firm.

Matthew Roth, a spokesperson for the Wikimedia Foundation, the charitable organisation which is responsible for the site, said that Texas company Wiki-PR had been served with a legal letter warning it to “cease and desist” from editing sites. The PR company was also accused of the practice of “meatpuppetry”, where a user with a false identity is invited into an online discussion simply to support the argument of the invitee.


3 thoughts on “Wikipedia names Texas PR firm over false manipulation of site entries

  1. I think this is an interesting article about Wikipedia. I believe Wikipedia is fighting to try and build up credibility for their site. Everyone uses wikipedia. It’s almost inevitable to not because they typically come back as top results during searches on google, bing, yahoo, and many of the other search engines.

    I have noticed that an increased number of professors have been accepting Wikipedia as a credible source for research. The more credible Wikipedia is the more potential they have. I think they recognize this and they are beginning to step it up in this regard.

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