How Obamacare Makes Theft Of Your Identity More Likely

How Obamacare Makes Theft Of Your Identity More Likely

“…the Administration did little to shore up security measures in the navigator program. “

“…Security testing of the federal “data hub” — which links personal data from the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies— is months behind schedule.”

I think this article highlights a sort of need for licensed computer professionals. While gaps in the bureaucracy system may have indirectly harmful consequences in the past, computer systems are severely compromised if that take on the same gaps. A gap in our bureaucratic system might translate to pork barreling and promotion of employees beyond their competency, but overlooking a computer system, as this article highlights, could result directly severe consequences for the larger body of people. It seems if the government is going to use technology for systems as large as healthcare, there should be more of a system in place to both qualify, assign responsibility and protection to the people that build and design these programs. Regardless of whether a system of licensing would be able to effectively be implemented, a system of accountability is needed when building programs that are innately autonomous and aggregate so much information.




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