Fed up with slow internet, cities begin demanding gigabit fiber

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A few years ago only a handful of regular consumers had even heard of the new gigabit internet that Google is offering in select cities and now they are demanding it. Google now gives away internet at “regular speeds” (5 mbps downloads) for no charge wherever they have the fiber cables installed and they offer speeds of up to 100 times faster for a pretty fair price. The article states that businesses in certain cities are especially angry because their competitors in cities that already have fiber are paying up to 34 times less for their internet access. “If that was our electric rates or our water rates there would be riots in the streets,” one business owner says. Some people believe that we have the right to internet access and that issue has become a hot debate. Do you think we have the right to affordable internet access or is it still a luxury?


2 thoughts on “Fed up with slow internet, cities begin demanding gigabit fiber

  1. I believe that internet is starting to become affordable. It is still a luxury but it is starting to pick up in popularity. People are starting to become accustomed to fast internet speeds. When internet speeds are slow people get easily irritated. I think fast speed internet will begin to be a regular standard. Most businesses, universities, and households have internet and the quality has only gotten better over the past decade.

  2. I think it is only a matter of time before internet speeds start to increase in a majority of cities in the United States. This new gigabit internet speed by Google is a good thing for the future because it drops the prices of competitors and makes the quality of service better for the customers. I think it is outrageous that people in select cities can have free 5 mbps downloads when an overwhelming majority of people pay to have this connection. If Google offered this type of service to Bloomington I would have the gigabit internet because it is something that I would be willing to pay for, depending on its price.

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