Miley Cyrus Leads Time’s Person of the Year Voting

This article discusses the poll for Time magazine’s Person of the Year award, and that Miley Cyrus is currently in the lead. However, it also brings up an issue that is relevant to class discussion. Two hackers are taking credit for developing a way to bypass the “one vote per person per day” rule and instead cast multiple votes a day for Miley, influencing her lead. This raises the question of security on the internet, as Time also mentioned that they have had issues with their POY poll being hacked in the past. This brings the legitimacy of the poll into question, and the issue of how to prevent the poll from being hacked in the future, if it is possible. Another interesting part from the article is that Snowden is currently in third in the voting, though he is 20% behind Miley.


3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Leads Time’s Person of the Year Voting

  1. I think this will always be tough to prevent. This has happened to them in years past, so they knew this had to be coming. In the article, past online winners have been the 4chan founder, and a Korean dictator. It seems like TIME magazine doesn’t take these online votes seriously. TIME just wants to see what average American citizens have to say about who the Person of the Year should be. I obviously do not believe this will have an effect on the outcome on who is going to be Person of the Year.
    Even though TIME is using a different voting mechanism, hackers are still able to control the votes. TIME obviously has to make some drastic changes, if the online voting wants to be legitimate.

  2. There are so many things I could say about this article but lets start with how much Miley Cyrus makes me nauseous. She seems to be starving for attention so it wouldn’t surprise me if she paid to find these guys to rig this poll.

    At the same time a Time spokesperson said, “We’re delighted that so many people are having fun with this informal poll and contributing to the conversation [about who should win].” So with this in mind I would also not be surprised if Time was behind this to gain publicity.

    Time says they are only going to count genuine votes but how are they going to know which ones are actually honest votes?

    Personally I never believe, or pay attention to, these types of polls because they are so easily skewed like this. Obviously Time has had this issue over and over again so how many other online polls are truly accurate? In my opinion, not many.

  3. Well, first off in my opinion Miley Cyrus is trying to out do Britney and Christina and by doing this she has lost all integrity and keeps down grading. Another child star gone bad. It’s a typical scenario for everyone’s beloved Disney star. The good girl with a famous father takes a turn for the worse. Needless to say I don’t think these polls are legitimate or accurately express the view of the American Population. The polls are either rigged or only contain votes by those who care about who’s on top. I don’t pay any attention to these polls because the good stars never get any credit and are thrown under the bus.

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