Violent Video Games Kill Self Control And Increase Unethical Behavior

Violent video games and their effects on children and teenagers have always been a topic of discussion.  The article discusses a study that was conducted to measure levels of aggression, restraint, and cheating in violent video game players.

To me, the experiment seemed to lack control variables and could not accurately compare the experiment results with aggression and restraint levels before exposure to violent video games.  I am not surprised that the video game players ate more m&ms and acted more aggressively when playing grand theft auto, but this information needs to be compared with their personalities and how they change after first exposure to these games.


One thought on “Violent Video Games Kill Self Control And Increase Unethical Behavior

  1. I really like this issue because it raises the questions about whether people’s personalities and characters change at an early age due to those video games or is it something else. The fact that there is not an age limit specified or enforced on those games gives the younger group of people free access to those violent games without knowing what they are in for. Children’s minds are like sponges during their early age, and so anything that they experience through playing those video games will most likely stick in their head for a long period of time, and that could carry on through their actions in their daily lives.

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