Lamborghini Newport now accepts Bitcoin, first customer buys a Tesla Model S

Confidence in the electronic currency Bitcoin continues to grow as more and more companies are beginning to accept it as a viable payment option. For the first time, Bitcoin has been used to purchase a car, which happens to be a Tesla Model S. Whether or not Bitcoin will continue to thrive and grow remains to be seen, but this is one more solid foundation to build upon for the currency.



3 thoughts on “Lamborghini Newport now accepts Bitcoin, first customer buys a Tesla Model S

  1. I think we are going to start seeing this happen a lot more in the near future but I am not sure that it is a safe idea. Bitcoin is a new currency that is a form of virtual money and is starting to get recognition by various different merchants and governments. The major problem I see with Bitcoin is that it is very unstable because of the fluctuation of value. Currency usually fluctuates by a few pennies at a time but we have seen Bitcoin spike by 500% over the last couple of months. The fact that someone bought an expensive car for bitcoins seems like a mistake. This currency was worth a few dollars 2 years ago and now 80 of them can buy you an exotic car. It just seems odd that this can be possible and I feel there will be a crash in the value and alot of adopters of the currency will lose money in the future.

  2. I am astounded that this car dealership thought that getting paid in Bitcoins was a good business decision. I posted an article about a week ago about the man who threw away 7500 bitcoins on his hard drive and then tried to go find them at the landfill. He had only paid about 7 dollars for those back in 2009 and now would be sitting pretty in the millions. The bitcoin has fluctuated in price so much recently, I just do not know what they were thinking accepting them for a car, a very nice car at that. I feel like the man who traded the bitcoins for the Tesla is going to laughing pretty hard when the price of bitcoins drops dramatically and the dealership is now siting on a fraction of what the car was worth.

  3. Is this a testament to the confidence in bitcoin? Lamborghini! Wild. I wonder if this could be some sort of stunt to boost confidence and change the perception of bitcoin.. Who bought the car. How much money does the owner of the dealer have invested in bit coin? #hipstercomment

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