Pentagon braces for the end of..the BlackBerry?

You read that right. Currently, the mobile security of the BlackBerry makes it the only DOD approved mobile device.

The pentagon is currently developing strategies and making contingency plans in the event that the financial woes BlackBerry is experiencing means that the DOD cannot get devices from them anymore.

This is disturbing to me. While my phone (Android OS) does not contain state department secrets, I would like to think it is secure to hold such sensitive information. This also means our tablets do not have security capabilities that the DOD deems secure enough. Hopefully the pressure for Apple and Android to develop such secure devices will allow their consumers to have access to such secure devices in the future.


2 thoughts on “Pentagon braces for the end of..the BlackBerry?

  1. When original smartphones first came out blackberry was one of the first on the scene. For years it dominated the corporate world and government world. The reason blackberry has been kept around so long is because of contractual obligations these governments and corporations make. It is not that iphone and android are not worthy secure phones, it is just that blackberry beat them to the contract. This is starting to go away however as blackberry is basically dead and the only reason it is still afloat is because of old corporation contracts. This was always one of its biggest market shares and with these contracts running out we are starting to see more and more non-blackberry cell phones in the workplace and government. It started as the technology was better in blackberry but now it is just a matter of time to transition to the new phones.

  2. In the classified government world, secure isn’t necessarily what solution is most secure, but what solution is most thoroughly tested to be secure. While iOS or Android may be more secure, Blackberry’s OS is more thoroughly tested. I wouldn’t be surprised if the US government develops its own secure version of Android like it did with SElinux – security enhanced Linux which the NSA contributed to. This would give the government independence from the demise of Blackberry and other manufacturers. Perhaps if they contribute the enhancements back, they could make phones secure for the majority of us also. Or they could add backdoors for the NSA to spy…

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