The ‘Deep Web’ — Got Secrets?

The author of this article, Eric Yaverbaum, uses a dialectical strategy by ending with a question. The article itself is a reaction to the information provided by Lev Grossman and Jay Newton-Small in the November 11, 2013 Time Magazine Cover Story.

These questions came to my mind after reading both articles was:

If I was to begin to trade in bitcoins, am I supporting human trafficking, arms dealers, and/or child pornography?


Is exchanging bitcoins ethically different from exchanging cash? (See


To answer these questions, I determined “dark/bad/evil” things are exchanged alongside “bright/beneficial/virtuous” things in society whether tactile or digital. Currency trade is almost as essential in our society as breathing. If we hesitate to involve ourselves in money exchange, bitcoins or cash, because we worry about supporting the “dark/bad/evil”, other people will be happy to collect the spoils.

I don’t believe bitcoin exchange or using Tor for online privacy create an ethical dilemma.



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