Data haul by Android Flashlight app ‘deceives’ millions

Utilizing a flashlight app in the android marketplace, GoldenShores Technologies took ID and location data millions of its users. Users of the flashlight app unknowingly shared their data with ad networks. GoldenShores Technologies was heavily criticized for keeping users in the dark regarding the use of their data, especially without their consent.  GoldenShores was ultimately forced to tighten up their privacy policy and allow users to decide for themselves if the benefits of the application are worth shelling out their data for. In addition, GoldenShores  was required to  delete all the data it had previously gathered from those who downloaded its flashlight application. In the face of today’s technology, how much data are users unknowingly sharing with companies?



2 thoughts on “Data haul by Android Flashlight app ‘deceives’ millions

  1. I saw this the other day, and am also surprised at the amount of data that is being unwillingly collected from users. There have been several situations in the past regarding smartphone apps taking data from users without their permission, and I’m pretty surprised that it’s still a problem. As far as a know, iOS devices have become much more transparent and secure when it comes to apps having access to data, but I don’t know about Android devices. It’s in Google’s best interest to prevent this type of thing from happening, so I’m sure they are working as hard as Apple did in similar situations.

  2. This continues to be an issue on android devices and the problem will not be solved for awhile. The reason we see these “bad” apps on the marketplace is because android is an open software and anyone can code for android. There are no restrictions or preliminary filtering to get your app on the Play store. This leads to spam apps that simply install all sorts of garbage including advertisements and location data. I personally have downloaded some spam apps and will just immediately delete them when I realize what they are. I have yet to run into any major issues but this is a problem that needs fixing.

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