Motorola’s Modular Phone Almost Ready

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Motorola has been developing a prototype for a new modular cell phone where users can switch out different pieces of hardware at their own discretion. If a user that wants a better camera but doesn’t care too much about RAM they could spend more money buying a nice lens and less money on memory. Or, someone who has more money to spend could beef up their entire system to create a super phone. I believe motorola has made a huge ethical statement with this idea. It eliminates the idea of planned obsolescence when it comes to cell phone technology. If a piece of hardware fails for a user they can just replace it easily to make their phone last as long as they want it to. A user can have one base model for the next ten years and upgrade the pieces of hardware that they want to as more technology becomes available. Phone manufacturers make a lot of their money when people buy a new phone every year or two years and Motorola seems like it has made a move that is in the best interest for consumers too instead of just for themselves.


1 thought on “Motorola’s Modular Phone Almost Ready

  1. Personally this innovation excites me, because it seems like a piece of technology you adapt to your own needs not only is useful but makes the technology more personable and gives it more value. I feel more invested in the technology that I have customized than the technology I will likely only have temporarily. Perhaps this shifts the focus of the mobile phone industry from trying to be the most popular phone model(all with generally the same function and purpose) to more selling the innovative adaptable features. Many phone advertisements these days seem to focus in on one feature anyways to sell the entire phone. A marketplace of modular pieces could intensify the creativity through putting specific features into competition. Advertising for new features, because they are likely more focused, could emphasize their functionality rather than advertise at a more general and therefore sensational level. Advertisements suddenly become more educational rather than sensational. Whereas at the moment, if not already focusing on one feature, many smart phones compete with lifestyle brands.

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