Obama and Big Tech Companies to Push Coding Event for Students


President Obama is teaming up with House majority leader Eric Cantor along with Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft’s Bing, and Disney to promote something called Hour of Code. This event was introduced to get more students affiliated and potentially interested in computer coding and programming. Tech is only getting to be a bigger part of human life and nearly all of the major tech companies are agreeing that they need a stronger group of engineers to supply the talent and skills that is being going to be demanded in the future. This article states that 33,000 classrooms from over 167 countries will participate in the event. That is estimated to be around 5 million students.


2 thoughts on “Obama and Big Tech Companies to Push Coding Event for Students

  1. This is pretty sweet, and I wish this had been done when I was a tot. Coding is such a powerful skill. A friend of mine studied biology and couldn’t get a job. Taught himself ruby over the summer and is making 70k in chicago. Discontinued his linkedIn because he had too many people hitting up for his skills. The future is now, so is demand!

  2. I think this is a great idea as well. Having at least basic knowledge in coding can develop one’s skills in the workforce and also open a lot of job opportunities. Whatever an individual tends to major or specialize in, a sufficient background in one or two coding languages can go a long way when searching for a high-paying job. Also, with technology advancing dramatically fast nowadays, one can anticipate that almost every job out there in the future will require some form of technological skill to be acquired before handling that job.

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