Teenagers Dig Privacy

Teenagers Dig Privacy

“For years, the conventional wisdom was that privacy doesn’t sell: It’s not sexy; no one wants it; young people don’t care. But Snapchat questions those assumptions”

This article claims that privacy can sell based on the success of Snapchat and other apps that use special encryption devices to self destruct messages. It also questions at the end whether privacy is truly profitable based on the revenue these companies make. While the success of these technologies might challenge assumptions about market desires, perhaps as more information is exposed online, more people will demand that these technologies be used in everyday functions such as email, texting, and Facebook. An ethical issue at hand is who is determining that the keys(if there are keys) are inaccessible by the distributor, if this person is not checked or thoroughly held accountable, these technologies that claim to be private, could be used to give the one able to decrypt unfair power.


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