YouTube Kills Billions of Video Views Faked By Music Industry

“YouTube says it has found the music industry with their hands in the cookie jar.”

In this article, it tells how some companies, including Universal, Sony, and RCA have been caught faking views on their YouTube video channels.  I found this interesting because it had never really crossed my mind that faking view counts is something companies would do, but it makes sense that they would try this to get their videos higher in search results.  In the article, it states that YouTube deleted over 2 billion fake video views in the companies’ channels and that Sony/BMG’s view total dropped from 850 million to 2.3 million.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Kills Billions of Video Views Faked By Music Industry

  1. This seems like a worthwhile investment for YouTube to investigate the possibility of fake hits. I’m not sure how much time or money it cost them to investigate, but the level of authenticity in video views is something that I personally take seriously. I, almost exclusively, use YouTube for music and if I found out that the reported number of views had been compromised then I would consider listening to music elsewhere. One would hope that whoever has the most money to purchase software shouldn’t be the one with the advantage of being discovered on YouTube. I do not blame the record companies as the economic benefit could be huge, but I still do not think it’s ethical to fake video views. Record companies may argue that what they do is justified being that millions of people “steal” and illegally download their music.

  2. While this may not be an ethical action for music companies to take, I would be interested to know if this is a violation of YouTube’s terms of use. However, issues such as this are not limited to YouTube and the music industry. Review sites such as Yelp and UrbanSpoon have to combat malicious reviews – both good and bad. Business owner and competitors have an interest in padding the reviews and it is fairly easy for them to do so. Perhaps the next malware wont be attempting to steal your credit card info, but submit strategically placed reviews and views for individuals that are willing to pay.

  3. This is funny. Fake comment would attract people pay for watching especially some top comments. Youtube should investigate what is going on there because it’s gonna harm Youtube’s fame.

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