Leo The Homeless Coder Finished His App, And You Can Download It Right Now

“Grand was approached by a young programmer named Patrick McConlogue in mid-August with a choice: Take $100 or take an opportunity to learn how to code. Grand, who had been homeless since 2011 after he lost his job at MetLife and was priced out of his neighborhood when a high-rise went up on the next block, didn’t hesitate.”

Amazing story of a homeless man’s attempt at bettering the environment through coding his app “Trees for Cars”, and success at bettering himself.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/homeless-coders-trees-for-cars-app-2013-12#ixzz2n6yqgUlX


4 thoughts on “Leo The Homeless Coder Finished His App, And You Can Download It Right Now

  1. This is a pretty interesting article. I am pretty sure that most people in this situation would be skeptical and would just prefer to take the $100 dollars cash instead of hoping for something else in the future like learning a skill like programming. Even if the app doesn’t really take off or if it isn’t the greatest app out there, he still actually has the skills necessary to better himself so it is nice to see that someone isn’t out there for fast cash and is willing to work to make their future brighter.

  2. This is a classic, give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, but give teach him how to fish and he can feed himself forever, story and I love it. this is a great example of how, when given the opportunity, someone can better themselves and is willing to go out of their comfort zone to be able to achieve goals in life, such as learning programming as a way to earn a living. The real problem is that these opportunities don’t really come around that often, like mentioned here, this isn’t an everyday occurrence. so, I think we need to try to work together to be able to make, (for this example) coding widely available to learn, maybe have free classes available or do online seminars on how to teach programming. Students and professors can get involved but also all of the community can join in if they wish as well.

    1. “The real problem is that these opportunities don’t really come around that often.”

      I agree with what you’re saying. The opportunity to learn coding should be more widely available, but I’d even take it one step further. I think we should be teaching the basic concepts of coding to our grade schools, K-12 (obviously not the real young kids though). But we live in a world so influenced by computers, computing and technology. I think it’s important children, who will live up in an even more tech- influenced society, understand the very basic concepts of programming. Technology needs to become a core part of a required curriculum (if it isn’t already… it might be, I’m not too sure). Either way, this story is great. I’m glad he went through with it.

  3. This is a good story, someone else may take that $100 and leave but the price is that he would lose the opportunity that could change his life. Leo did the right decision on it, he knows what should he do, look forward and keep going. He never gave up. I think New York City could have some policies to help those homeless people to learn a new skill then back to be employed.

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