Samsung tells customer to shut up about Galaxy S4 fire and they’ll swap his burnt phone

What happened isn’t as harsh as the title implies. Basically a Youtuber by the name of GhostlyRich uploaded a video of his Galaxy S4 catching fire when plugged in, as some phones have in the past. Samsung agreed to replace his phone but asked him to take down the video. Because a Youtuber is driven by popularity, Samsung just essentially added fuel to the fire. He then uploaded another video reading Samsung’s letter to him here:

I find it interesting that in the age of technology which we live companies still think that it’s a good idea to tell someone on the internet to keep quiet about something.



2 thoughts on “Samsung tells customer to shut up about Galaxy S4 fire and they’ll swap his burnt phone

  1. I found this article quite interesting and funny at the same time. I’ve haven’t heard of this news before and I’m surprised at how Samsung handled the situation. I agree with Samsung in which they wanted to get the video off of the Internet because it could affect their sales, but the way it was written in the article, it seemed like they were kind of threatening the customer. Samsung would only exchange the phone if he would take down the video was very poorly approached by Samsung because the customer had warranty anyways.

  2. This article is interesting that I can’t understand why Samsung is suck rude to customer.
    Apple’s service is much better than that. But finally, Samsung has to follow the contract because the customer was holding his warrant.

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