As Video Game Sales Climb Year Over Year, Violent Crime Continues To Fall

“Indeed, the correlation between the growth in the gaming industry and the fall in violent crime is startling even if it is only a correlation.”

As a video game player, I have a strong opinion in this issue and I found the statistics listed in this article interesting.  It was one of the first articles I have seen where there are statistics showing that as video game sales rise (particularly violent video games), violence has fallen.  It is definitely interesting to see this as it seems that all we hear nowadays is that video games are bad for you and they promote violence so its interesting to finally see a different perspective with stats to back it up



2 thoughts on “As Video Game Sales Climb Year Over Year, Violent Crime Continues To Fall

  1. Articles like these are always intriguing because (as the article points out) you have to wonder very seriously about the difference between correlation and causation. A statistic may note that over a period of time book sales have decreased while graduation rates have increased for a given area, but that does not mean that one event is actually affecting the other in any meaningful way. In the same way this article tries to correlate crime rates with video game sales, yet there is no possible way to measure a meaningful relationship between such broad categories. Even if it were possible to know for a fact that a violent video game was the primary cause of a mass string of violent crimes the total amount of violent crimes overall could still fall, and as such articles of this overarching nature seem to involve a great deal of emotional reactions. As such, they should be taken lightly along with articles stating that video games do increase violence.

  2. I think this is a great defense that the video game community can use to its advantage in the continual “video games cause violence” debate. It is clear that every time a school shooting happens a large amount of people are always quick to blame video games and push to have them more thoroughly censored and so on, which I think is ridiculous. Not to say that video games are the causation for this drop in violence, I think this is more evidence to the fact that video games and violence are completely separate in nature. Neither one causes or is caused by another, and I think that this data combined with other data backing the correlation between video games and causing violence, can provide a strong basis for this fact as well.

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