Cops and Feds Routinely ‘Dump’ Cell Towers

Authorities are obtaining information on the whereabouts of perhaps thousands of people at once, often by a judge’s signature based on assurances from the authorities that the data is relevant to an investigation.

A myriad of factors determine how many people are caught in the web of one of these so-called “cell-tower dumps” including the time, location and a mobile-phone tower’s capacity. The data from a dump can provide a wealth of information regarding whoever is carrying a mobile phone in a tower’s area — from the phone number to various device information pointed to a phone’s account.




One thought on “Cops and Feds Routinely ‘Dump’ Cell Towers

  1. This article relates back to a lot of the privacy discussions we have had in class. A lot of people know that the feds have access to this information and are okay with it because they have nothing to hide. Personally, I think that it is okay that the feds are accessing this information because they are doing so for the greater good and to protect us. I would much rather lose some of my privacy to be more protected from criminals and terrorists, and I think that most Americans feel this way.

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