Xbox Live among game services targeted by US and UK agencies

The video game realm has transformed from a space of men and women looking to play a game to a matter of national security. As more information continues to leak out about the documents Edward Snowden took with him from the NSA, people worldwide are getting a firsthand look into what our government agencies are using to collect information from us. Xbox Live is one of the newest platforms, in which real agents are being placed within the game to interact with people that may be suspected as a threat to security or have some sort of connection to a wanted person.

One major question that we must continue to look at is whether Snowden’s actions are justifiable with the amount of information the public has seen. Some people say they are happy to know everything that is going on, but I am waiting to see if anything really major comes from Snowden’s decision to steal files. No one really knows what he has access to with his documents besides the government. If terrorist information or other important information comes out in regards to locations of targets, will it set our intelligence networks back years and potentially harm those agents who have found ways to infiltrate their communication network?


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