AT&T Gives Discounts To Customers Who Share Their Data

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In Austin, Texas, AT&T is rolling out its new gigabit fiber internet a la Google Fiber and charging its regular customers 99$ a month for the service. Customers do have the choice, however, to take 29$ off of their monthly internet bill if they agree and submit to what AT&T calls Internet Preferences. This program will track users search terms and web history to tailor ads directly to the individual consumer. There are a number of ethical questions that arise with this program. First off, websites and browsers already do pretty much the same thing on a smaller scale, but what will the repercussions be if your ISP is now tracking your internet life? Could this possibly lead to a time where the discount is not only on tracking your history but on the speed of the internet itself? To me, this is a form of net neutrality being disbanded. It doesn’t manage the content or speed of the web itself, but it offers different services to people on account of how much privacy they want to maintain.


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