U.S. Government Caught Pirating Military Software, Settles For $50 Million

This article discusses how the U.S. Government was found to have been giving pirated software to the U.S. military for use.  Such software would be used in situations for protection of soldiers and critical missions.

This brings up more than one ethical issue.  Firstly, everyone knows pirating is wrong and you would think the government knows it best.  This pirated software was installed on: “93 servers and more than 9,000 standalone devices.  with license fees of $1.35 million per server and $5,000 per device, Apptricity calculated that the Government owed the company $224 million in unpaid fees. ”   As surprising as the Government getting caught pirating is, I am even more shocked that they would put so many important things, possibly even soldiers’ lives, on the line by not purchasing legitimate software.

Link to the article here


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