Winamp lovers beg AOL to open source code

This article, written by Jon Brodkin, summarizes how AOL is choosing to shut down their 16 year old media player, known as Winamp, on December 20, 2013.  Subsequently, there will no longer be downloads available.  In reaction to this news, fans of Winamp launched a website and petition in an attempt to either keep the player alive or for AOL to open the source code for Winamp.  One developer said, “Our goal is to convince Nullsoft [the AOL subsidiary behind Winamp] to release the Winamp source code and we will take it further in an open-source way.”  I’m not sure how many people have tried Winamp but, having used it frequently before, I too would like to see what could be done to improve it and move it forward.  This article kind of relates to some discussions we’ve had in class regarding software and the possible benefits of open source code.




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