Experimental project in Stockholm, Sweden: people can sign up to recieve a SMS if there is a cardiac arrest nearby (500 m), so they can get there before the ambulance and perform CPR. 9500 people have signed up, and they reach the location faster in 54% of the cases

link to full article

“SMS-lifesavers is a unique project in which we send SMS to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) trained civilians to get more people to start CPR early, before the ambulance arrives.

Our system is active in the entire county of Stockholm and we have now started the final scientific evaluation. At a later stage we hope to link our SMS-system to the Swedish defilibrator register so we would urge anyone who has a defibrillator to register it on www.hjartstartarregistret.se

Each year some 900 locals in Stockholm suffer from cardiac arrest outside the hospital . Most people do not survive!
The SMS-lifesaver project that started in May 2010 was initially available for those who lived or worked in central Stockholm but since November 2011 everybody in the county may join in.

The SMS-lifesaver project is a remarkable project that uses mobile location technologies in order to improve survival after cardiac arrest outside the hospital by engaging civilians to begin CPR before the ambulance is on site. When a suspected cardiac arrest has been received by 112 (The Swedish emergency number) you may if you are nearby quickly be alerted to the site via your mobile phone.

Project SMS-lifesavers aims to improve survival after cardiac arrest in the county of Stockholm. SMS-lifesavers is a unique research project run by Södersjukhuset and Karolinska Institutet, where mobile positioning technology (geographic definition of the position of mobile phones) are used to identify and quickly alert the lifesaver with knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in cardiac arrest outside the hospital. The project is supported by Hjärt- lungfonden and Stockholms läns landsting.”


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